My work: packaging

that's nuts! Almond mylk

This new brand of mylk is centered around the idea, “It’s Not

That Weird”. This concept encapsulates the idea of plant and nut-based milk being more integrated and normalised in people’s different lifestyles. It is not some weird, abstract, or extreme change someone has to make, but will be a comfortable and familiar choice for consumers, knowing that the difference is not scary because ‘it’s still milk’.

For the average South African, “That’s Nuts!” is the plant-based milk that best delivers on being an organic but accessible milk brand because it is both self-aware, addressing the fact that milk made from nuts is a little strange and unnecessary for the average person, and is relatable to the consumer while still promoting more plant-based and organic living.


Two minute noodles are a popular quick and easy meal option,
however there are many issues with not only the packaging but also the perceptions people hold of instant noodles. They are perceived as grossly unhealthy and often seen as a quick snack because they are not very filling. For busy students and young adults, meal prepping and cooking is something they simply don’t have time for either.


To change these perceptions and solve this problem, I created a new instant noodle brand called “Nudels”. The brand is striking, funky and encourages consumers to make their own meal, starting with the noodles as the base, adding in ingredients or leftovers they have available at home. This causes noodles to be perceived as a fuller, healthier meal because you are adding your own ingredients to make it as healthy as you want.