My work: campaigns

muizenberg sdg

In Muizenberg, there are many homeless/unemployed people who have become “self-appointed” car guards out of a desperation for some form of income. They are so in need of money, that they have occasionally become aggressive with people visiting restaurants or the beach if they are not tipped.


This leads to visitors and community members feeling unsafe around the car guards, because they are not with a security company and are perceived as less trustworthy. Muizenberg is known for its surf culture and unless you are getting surf lessons with coaches in the area, you will not be educated on the potential sharks found in Muizenberg waters or what to do in a situation one is nearby. To better protect sharks and people, more education around the issue needs to be had.

okja: maar oat milk is weird.


As the attitude of South Africans being accepting of anything and everything, this concept takes a stand by stating that although South Africans accept the strange doings in our country, they find it hard to accept something as simple as oat milk. Through this concept it will reveal that actually these things should not be seen as normal, while oat milk can be. It’s saying yes to oat milk, and no to everything else that has become normal that really shouldn’t be.


Group Members: Luke Roode, Emily Webster, Isabella Cuturi, Erin Coetzee.

bosch: brave break

While this was a collaborative group project, my focus was on phase 2, Relaying the Foundation, through the design of childrens’ books.

The series of 3 books aims to inspire the next generation of young girls and begin to lay the foundations for living a more empowered future. Each book focuses on a different skill to educate girls on topics they are not often exposed to or encouraged to be interested in.

Group Members: Savannah Pereira, Lea Fourie and Erin Coetzee.